Carl Johanson

Carl works in the gardens team at the Thala Beach Lodge near Port Douglas, but has a secret double life as Coconut Man. Okay, so he doesn’t wear his pants outside of a tight lycra bodysuit, but he is trying to single-handedly rescue the coconut’s reputation after what he portrays as a smear campaign from the vegetable oil industry.He swears by them as a miracle food, capable of doing everything from preventing cancer to banishing cellulite.

He’s so keen on coconuts that he now runs a tour through Thala Beach’s coconut plantation, explaining the health benefits of coconuts and his own regime. He gets through plenty of coconut oil every day, and will eat a coconut instead of going for a run — he says it increases the metabolism.

As part of the tour, Carl demonstrates how to open a coconut (clue: a big metal spike is rather useful) and explains the difference between coconut water, milk and cream.

By the end of the two-hour tour/sermon, most guests leave as converts, ready to buy as many coconut products as possible on their next shopping trip.

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