Yesterday saw the Diamond Princess into Darwin with approx 2600 passengers, Denis one of our great guides from the area sent me in a little story of his day of touring to Litchfield National Park and I think I should share it with you…. This is what was in my inbox this morning, Denis is pictured beside his car on the road to Cape Leverque and the other is one of the passengers from yesterday at the termite mound.

It shows you how much our guides enjoy their jobs, meeting interesting people and showing off the country!

Good morning Kiri,
Was late when I got home, so I left the things that could wait until today.

The Diamond Princess yesterday from my end really went well, the only negative being that the Wangi Falls was closed to swimmers..
An interesting mix of people.. predominantly from the U.K. or Australia.. I was able to use my ‘limited’ German to explain the finer details of the termite mounds to a couple whose English was poor. The lady complimented me on my ‘good’ German.. Some do say the nicest things… but they do help make it worthwhile.

We had time to stop at the Strauss WW2 airstrip on the return. and look at the cutaway Spitfires, and there was an Englishman in the group who really knew his stuff on the Spits. Would love to have had the opportunity to sit down for a couple of hours with him..

The Barramundi for lunch was every bit as good as I said it would be, Why would you have Chook when Barra like that is on the menu..

The weather was great, which was also a bonus… I left home early [my day started at 1am] expecting a slow wet trip.. but it was the opposite. and I was at the pier at 6am. Princess was not even there.. but I could see it in the distance. So I stacked z s for awhile, and when I woke, it was berthing.

Came through rain on the way home, and the good news was to find 75 points in the gauge on my return.. Best fall to date..

Was good to catch up with Mike, He is an ex Katherinite, he left to go south some years ago. I did come across him recently when I was taking a group on the Corobboree Billabong..
for Venture North.

Must go and see what these hungry cattle are doing, and make sure there is not too much skulduggery going on.

I will leave you to digest what I have written, and as usual, I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy your day,