So recently I went on a holiday to Uzbekestan it  was amazing !

Part of what made it amazing was our guide Mirza.

Mirza graduated from the Uzbek State World Languages University in 1999 and then worked at the Tashkent Law College as an English teacher until 2005.

Insight into his family life and the nuances of each area visited gave us great insight into the country .  Mirza speaks Uzbek, Russian, English and Greek. His professional expertise, his in-depth knowledge, gentle humour and his passion for his country have made him a highly sought after tour guide.

His attention to detail and genuine care definitely shone through as he dealt with the different needs of the group.

Here is a photo of Mirza beside and old car we came across in Khiva which was owned by a group of Intrepid Aussies travelling in a 5 car convoy from Bangkok to Helsinki in 60 days ( we met them at day 33)

The guiding season in Uzbekestan is very limited spring and autumn only as summer it is too hot and winter it is extremely cold. Tour guides train for 9 months and study in the winter ready for spring and autumn.