When deciding on the guide to assist your guests with a day tour in any region around Australia there are certain attributes we look at in allocation. First and paramount is local knowledge. This knowledge is developed from actually living in a city or region for a long period of time. It affords the guide the ability to talk with confidence and give the guest a really good feel for the place they are experiencing. It is also vital in situations where quick decisions are required whether it be traffic congestion, road closures and other unforeseen circumstance such as medical emergencies. It gives your client, our guest, peace of mind that they are with someone who not only adds value to their day but can provide leadership and advice in any given situation.

Our guides also have an inherent understanding of distances between attractions and services which is vital when it comes to the pace and timing of a tour. They have that essential prior knowledge of the day having been to all the visited sites prior to the tour.

And lastly they have the ability to read people, are instinctive and react to all situations. Our guides have been trained to act professionally and responsibly in difficult situations which gives your guests the calming understanding that they are in good hands.


Extended multi day touring is one of our specialities. We really understand that you can do all the hard work of planning and finalising your guests trip to Australia but when it comes down to it, the guide that is travelling with and leading the group, is often the difference between a good and exceptional tour. We know this; you know this and our guides do too.

Our guides do hours of planning and reconfirmations prior to the guests’ arrival. They make sure they have a good understanding of the itinerary before departure and use their years of field experience to assist in advising us of any potential concerns that may impede smooth operations. In saying that unavoidable situations do happen and our guides have the experience to react instinctively and professionally at all times.

Our guides have established working relationships with suppliers, hotels and airlines as well as being trained in first aid and having the appropriate and relevant insurance.


“You’ll never have a second chance to create a good first impression”

We don’t take meet and greets or departure assistances lightly. This is your guests first (or last) point of entry into Australia and it’s important they receive and see a friendly face at this time. It’s usually been a long set of travels to get to Australia, English may not even be the first language and having a welcoming friendly person there to meet them is the perfect start to the trip.

Our guides are always well presented, in uniform and positioned in a clear “easy to see” location with signage. They are patient and understand the need to be flexible as delays, although inc onvenient and unforseen, do happen. Our guides are able to answer the majority of guests’ queries and have a good knowledge of the area, giving your guests that necessary level of contentment when on international travels.


There is just so much to do when organising a conference and we can help you by becoming part of your team and taking some or all of the staffing responsibilities off you. This lets you concentrate on the finer aspects of the conference whilst we tackle what often takes a lot of time. We enjoy it so why not let us do it.

Our staff are always timely, prepared to work long hours and well presented. We take the time to do additional research on the conference topic and brief our team so they are informed about the event they are working at.

We also have the ability to work with our sister company Global Tour Specialists and assist with the provision of any conference touring you may require. For us it’s all about the little things that we can do to make your life easier.


Special events / festivals are one of our favourite operations. They’re different, fun and bring in all qualities of life. And because these events are annual or one offs we make sure the team have two vital qualities. They must be committed and friendly.

They are flexible with hours, uniformed (as required) and present well. They are more often than not local to the area which means they have the knowledge to inform participants on all sorts of questions that often come their way.

Whether it is an annual marathon or any other sporting occasion, festival or special event just for your group, we have the ability to assist you with all your staffing needs. From directional staff to team leaders – you let us know your requirements and we will let you know the options.


Bilingual services / foreign speaking guides have become our passion. From years of providing multi-lingual guides to the international market we have developed an extensive database of qualified guides catering to many cultures and languages. This includes, but not limited to Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian and many more. Our database is continually being updated and enhanced so please ask us about your bilingual requirements.

Our rates are competitively priced, guides knowledgeable and of course very professional. Our guides are experienced in all facets of operations, licensed, entertaining, enthusiastic and able to ensure your guests are provided with a professional and memorable experience of Australia. They are also extremely aware of the individual customs and traditions of each nationality and are able to assist with any questions or requests that will assist in making your guests feel more comfortable whilst travelling in a foreign country.