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We are very lucky to have amazing guides across Australia so how about we meet some of them.

Peter is based in Sydney but also works internationally,  Peter goes out of his way to deliver exceptional service for  our clients.  He also advises our operations team on the logistics of a tour and is always happy and willing to offer practical solutions to touring.

“Peter, born in the UK, has spent many years now as both a resident and citizen of Australia, as well as maintaining his UK citizenship.

He has worked as a senior guide with Guides Australia for over 10 years, specialising in Sydney and New South Wales. In particular his knowledge of, and experience in, the World Heritage Site of the Blue Mountains has been invaluable.

As a “global man” he also has an intimate knowledge of all European and North American countries, managing literature and history tours overseas, as well as his Australian work.

Resident in Manly, the seaside resort of Sydney, Peter brings a worldly aspect to his work with us.

He is also Vice Chair of the leading body in Australia (Institute of Australian Tour Guides) which ensures that Professional Guides are accredited and keep up to the mark with their knowledge and guest handling skills.

With Peter as your guide you will learn a lot about Australia as well as the particular region that you are visiting”.


Peter Cox